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What Information Can Help Your
Bellevue Car Accident Case?

A: While the evidence required to help your car accident case ultimately depends on your specific situation, there is some evidence that most people find useful. Bellevue car accident attorneys believe that this type of concrete evidence can include:

  • Photographs of the damage caused to your vehicle and/or of the accident scene can be remarkably helpful.
  • If a police report was filed, you should obtain a copy of this document. A police report will aid in establishing who was at fault with respect to the car accident. In addition, a police report can provide additional information that may be helpful to your case.
  • Statements from individuals who witnessed the accident can help to determine who was at fault with respect to the car accident.
  • If the car accident caused you to miss work at your place of employment, you should provide the appropriate paperwork to back up these statements and/or obtain a formal affidavit from your employer.
  • Copies of your medical bills are important as well, in order to determine the injuries that you experienced as a direct result of the car accident

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