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What are the signs and
symptoms of a herniated disc?

A: Many car accident victims suffer from back injuries due to trauma. A common injury is a herniation of the discs that cushion and support the vertebrae of your spinal column. Herniation occurs when the fibrous tissue surrounding your vertebrae ruptures, allowing a disc to bulge out through the opening. While this injury can be self-limiting and heal on its own, many Bellevue car accident lawyers will tell you that it must be taken seriously. Symptoms of this potentially serious injury include:

-Upper or lower back pain that radiates to other parts of the body 
-Non-specific pain in your legs or feet 
-Reduced reflexes
-Numbness or tingling
-Weakness in your muscles

Everyone's injury is unique, therefore it is impossible to know the severity of your injury without the diagnosis of a doctor. Don't play roulette with your health (or the welfare of your case); make sure to see a doctor immediately following your accident to ensure you receive proper treatment.

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