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Do bicycle helmets really make a difference during a Bellevue accident?

A: The answer to this question is "yes".

According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, bicycle helmets are an essential component of an overall safety strategy designed to keep a cyclist safe.

Everyone understands intuitively that the human brain is a fragile organ. The brain can be injured by an impact, or in circumstances in which the head is suddenly violently rotated while the brain remains stationary. In the latter case, inertia acts on the brain's blood vessels and nerves, essentially yanking them around and causing injury.

A properly designed helmet that is made to withstand the impact of a major crash is constructed with a layer of crushable foam. In the event of a crash causing the head to come into forceful contact with a rigid surface, this layer of foam will crush, absorbing some of the energy of the crash. The net effect of this is to extend the head's "stopping time", thus reducing the impact and strain on the brain. In other words, the head comes to a stop less abruptly, and with less traumatic consequences for the brain.

According to the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, among all bicyclists killed in 2008, the most serious injuries suffered were to the head, a fact that underscores the importance of using a bicycle helmet. The Institute estimates that helmet use reduces the risk of head injury by 85 percent.

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