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If I was not wearing a motorcycle helmet and was involved in an accident, would
I still be eligible to seek compensation for injuries?

A: In the state of Washington, wearing a helmet that meets the US Department of Transport (DOT) standards is mandatory by law. Seattle truck accident lawyers explain that this law is in place to protect you from potential injuries and fatalities that may result from motorcycle accidents.

Even though Washington law requires that you wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, there are cases where people get into motorcycle accidents without wearing a proper helmet or any motorcycle helmet at all. Whether or not you will be able to obtain compensation for injuries does depend on your particular case, but in general it is more difficult to get compensation. You stand a better chance of being awarded some compensation if it can be definitively proven that the other driver was at fault; however, if the majority of your injuries are located within your head region (face, brain and head), it may be difficult to collect money as the defense will argue that if you were wearing a helmet, you would not have sustained these injuries. 

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