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How do I know if I need a
Seattle car accident attorney?

A: It can be difficult to know whether or not you need a Seattle car accident attorney after a serious traffic accident and injury. You may not fully understand who was at fault for the accident or what caused the crash to happen. You may not know who is responsible for your medical bills or other damages. You may not know whether the insurance company is offering you a reasonable amount of compensation for your claim.

The single best way to get the answers to these questions and to know if you need a car accident attorney is to speak with one during a preliminary meeting where you can share your story and ask the legal questions that you need answered. These meetings should be free and confidential.

If you have questions about your recent car wreck and injuries in the Seattle area, consider speaking with a Washington State car accident attorneytoday. At the Rubinstein Law Offices, we offer no-obligation attorney consultations to victims of car accidents. Call us today at 800-318-0502 to schedule a meeting or to speak with an attorney. Not quite ready to make the call? Read our free Seattle car accident guide, The Biggest Mistakes Washington Drivers Make in an Auto Accident.