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How can I tell if my car
accident neck injury is serious
enough to go to the doctor?

A: Every injury should be examined by a medical professional following an accident. There are two reasons for this:

- Staying Healthy: Accidents cause trauma, and trauma injuries are not always easy to diagnose. What you may determine to be a minor back injury, a doctor may determine to actually be a fracture or other serious injury. Pain is simply not an sufficient indicator of how injured you are. Ignoring pain and going about your daily activities can actually cause your injury to become more serious.

- Helping Your Case: If you've been injured in an accident where the other party is at fault, you may want to seek compensation for your injuries. However, imagine for a moment that you did not go to the doctor for 4 months following an injury and simply ignored the pain. A jury may find your behavior suspicious- if you were truly injured in the accident, wouldn't you have gone to a doctor sooner? Remember, small pain can still mean a serious injury.

It is always worth it to be examined and diagnosed by a medical professional following a car accident. Many injuries seem minor, only later to manifest as a costly and painful drain on your life.

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