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Are truck accident cases different
than other personal injury claims?

A: Yes. According to Seattle truck accident lawyers, truck accident cases are handled in a different manner than other personal injury claims. For example, individuals involved in truck accidents often suffer from much more severe personal injuries than injuries caused by car or even motorcycle accidents. In addition, both truck drivers and truck company owners must adhere to strict regulations at both the state and federal level. Some of the items that are regulated for either truck drivers or trucking companies include the speed of the truck, the amount of sleep a truck driver gets per day, how materials are loaded and stored on a truck, highway passing rules, etc. In addition, federal regulations require commercial trucks to carry certain levels of insurance coverage as well.

If either the truck driver or truck company violates any of these regulations, than there can be serious consequences. Further, these regulations can also vary depending on the size of the trucking company involved.

Of course, it is vital to contact a lawyer as soon as possible as it is important to gather the appropriate evidence at the scene of the crime. Seattle truck accident lawyers, truck accident cases. Truck accident, personal injury.